Complaint forms are available for travellers in all vehicles and authorized points of sale. In case of breakdown en-route or other events, the traveller will only be entitled to continue the journey in another vehicle. The ticket holder is protected by the Obligatory Traveller's Insurance and must conserve said ticket during the trajectory, available to employees requesting it.


The loss or deterioration of baggage transported in the coach's boot, without a previous declaration of value, will determine the Company's obligation to pay a maximum limit of up to 14.50 € per Kg of checked baggage.

The traveller is the sole individual responsible for the belongings he carries with him in the area destined to users.


All the return tickets will be used in the following 15 days of the arrival.
Travellers with return tickets, with open return, will have available 15 days as of the date of purchase to return. To this end, coach and seat number must be confirmed, the availability of seats when obtaining the ticket being subject to said confirmation.


All travellers who may benefit from a discount on the ticket price must accredit it with an original document or duly authenticated copy, both when purchasing the ticket and when getting on to the coach. Not presenting said documentation to the driver will impose the obligation of acquiring a new ticket at the normal tariff.


All tickets may be changed one sole time free of charge. Any date modification must be done, at minimum, 2 hours before the coach's departure.

Cancelling a ticket implies a 10% discount on its amount when requested before the 48 hours prior to departure. If requested between the 48 and 2 hours prior to departure, the return discount will be 20%.

Reimbursement will only be provided by the office expediting the ticket, being obligated, as such, to cancel electronic tickets through the web page itself.

NA ticket may not be cancelled, nor, as such, will any amount be returned, within the 2 hours prior to the coach's departure, nor after it has departed.

The traveller not being present at the time of departure means total loss of the amount of the ticket.


For all controversies which may arise concerning this contract, the parties will be subject to the arbitration of the Transportation Arbitration Board of the transporting company's registered office, and they will accept its decisions.


The company reserves the right to reinforce service with vehicles from collaborating companies, which may not fulfil the characteristics of the base services.


All the conditions listed above will also apply to this service, including transportation (round trip from Madrid to Segovia with applicable fare) and a gourmet menu at Mesón de Cándido at the reserved time and date.

If the outward journey is lost, the traveler will have to reach Mesón de Cándido on his/her own to enjoy the rest of the service.

Reservations at Cándido will included the menu as described in the purchase receipt.

Traveler’s absence at the agreed time will mean the total loss of the reservation. No sum will be refund.

The organization will try to get an exclusive table for any reservation, not being granted for last time purchases, so La Sepulvedana will try to let the traveler know this situation before the reservation is done.

This product will be sold exclusively at La Sepulvedana ticket office in Madrid.

The company reserves the right of not admitting the ticket if the ownership of it or its discounts are not properly credited.

Traveler’s absence at any contracted services as scheduled (trip and/or meal) will mean the total loss of it/them. No money will be refund.

Remember your ticket is your travel insurance; preserve it during the whole trip. If you contracted a round trip you will have to preserve it until both journeys are over.

If you purchased a ticket with an open trip back, remember you will have to confirm your seat by closing it previously at the ticket office of our company, carrying with you this ticket and being subject to the seats availability.


You can find the complete process a traveler has to do in order to buy a bus ticket below (payment by credit/debit card only accepted):

■   1st STEP (BEGINNING): The user will have to fill in the form with the data referring to the ticket (Origin, Destination, Departure Date, Number of travelers and kind of trip). Once they are filled, the user will have to press the “Continue” button.

■   2nd STEP (TIMETABLE): Every available trip hour will be displayed, and the user will have to choose the desired one and then press again the “Continue” button.

■   3rd STEP (TRAVELERS): The user will have to fill in the form with the card holder’s personal data, and so will have to with the rest of passengers data. It is necessary to accept the “Purchase conditions” and “Privacy Policy” boxes before pressing “Continue” button.

■   4th STEP (RESUME): The user will have to verify the purchase data, shown as a resume, before paying. This process will start after pressing the “Pay now” button.

■   5th STEP (PAYMENT): The user will introduce their bank card, and will pay using Bankia Virtual POS.

■   6th STEP (RESULT): The purchased tickets data will be shown.

Once the purchase is successfully done, you will be able to manage your tickets in the upper menu by pressing “Purchase Tickets” button:

    MODIFY TICKETS: Changing management.

    TICKETS CANCELLATION: Tickets Cancellation management.

    RETURN TICKETS: Stablish the date of a return ticket.


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