La Sepulvedana is part of a transportation business group that operate in a big part of Spain, and also some other countries like Morocco and Colombia.

A fleet with more than 600 buses and more than 1000 employees work daily focusing on customer service, which is considered as the main value generator in the Company, along with the sustainable development and the effort on performing high quality services.

We offer a highly competitive price, and safety and satisfaction are guaranteed, endorsed by our years of experience and by our certifications in terms of Quality, Environment and Safety.

Contact us and ask for any information you may need without commitment.

You’ll have an answer within the next 24 hours!


    Our vehicles are available for our clients to make any kind of service:

    ■ Circuits:

    -  National and international tours

    -  Planned journeys

    -  Agencies

    -  Associations

    ■ Events:

    -  Congresses and fairs

    -  Weddings and celebrations

    -  Festivals

    ■ Transfers:

    -  Airports

    -  Hotels

    -  Restaurants

    -  Shows and performances

    ■ Excursions:

    -  Citytours

    -  Cultural trips

    -  Cultural trips

    -  Contracted routes

    ■ Corporative transportation:

    -  Staff transportation

    -  Meetings

    -  Corporative events

    ■ School Transportation:

    -  School routes

    -  Excursions

    -  Extra-curricular activities

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    We can offer you integral solutions that fulfill all of your needs thanks to our experience. We also provide ideas to make a perfect journey.

    Do you want the journey to be the start of the party? Do you want the attendants to watch a presentation? Do you want the bus to be customized? We help you to achieve that!!

    We study with you the options that fit better with your needs, getting a special service just for you.

    ■ Send us the audiovisual contents you want to be broadcasted during the journey.

    ■ Send us your corporation image or your favorite picture to stamp the vinyl in the bus.

    ■ Dress the bus or customize it with your brand.

    ■ Offer a snack served by our on board hostesses.

    ■ Give us any present you wish to give away to your attendants and we’ll deliver it for you.

    ■ Offer a show to make a funnier journey

    ■ And everything you can imagine…

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    La Sepulvedana is certified with the followings standards in terms of Quality, Safety and Environment:

    ■ UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008. Quality management systems.

    ■ UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004. Environment management systems.

    ■ UNE-EN ISO 13816:2003. Transportation, logistics and Services. Public transportation of passengers. Definition of quality of the service, objectives and measurement.

    ■ OHSAS 18001:2007. Safety and Health management at work system.

    ■ Standard CSEAA-INSIA. Safety management for transportation companies in buses system.

    ■ UNE-EN ISO 14064-1. GHG emissions verification. Carbon footprint.

    ■ UNE-EN ISO 50001. Energetic management system.

    ■ UNE ISO 39001. Road safety management system.

    ■ EFHRE-ECSS 19112. Cardio protection European space.

    La Sepulvedana is also catalogued as a gayfriendly company, and has been added to the UN Global Compact.

    That’s why La Sepulvedana has been awarded with:

    ■ “Company of the year 2013”, by “Autobuses y Autocares” magazine in the regular transportation category.

    ■ “Silver Acueducto 2013”. Award for the best transportation company of the year, by Asociación Segoviana de Empresarios del Transporte (ASETRA).

    ■ “Best territorial expansion 2015”. By “Castilla y León Económica” magazine.

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